Hugo Costa – alto sax.

Gonçalo Almeida – bass, loops & effects

Philipp Ernsting – drums & electronics

The screwed up, angry, either riff-based or totally abstract punk-metal-free jazz-noise played by Albatre may be one of the very best offers coming from the Rotterdam underground scene. Everything emerged in distortion and with a sometimes heavy, sometimes crazily fast beat. But if the music is explosive and always searching for the maximum impact, there’s a place for nuance and for detail, with the three contributors throwing intriguing elements to the magma of sound. All wrapped with live visuals by their long road partner and fourth member of this unit, video artist 5upleft.

Almeida / Duynhoven / Klein


Tobias Klein - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet

Gonçalo Almeida - double bass

Martin van Duynhoven - drums

"The musicians involved have their own individual personalities and they don’t represent any organized tendencies. Two of them, saxophonist and clarinetist Tobias Klein and double bassist Gonçalo Almeida, may live in Holland but they weren’t born there – the first is German, the other Portuguese. Besides that, Klein had a past dedication to live-electronics and composes chamber music, and Almeida leads or co-leads electric bands and goes often into rock territory. These factors contribute to the rather different, and even special, approach here documented, confirming the definition provided by this trio «inspired by all kinds of adventurous music of the last 50 years». But the connection with the acoustic tradition, and with the “Dutch way”, is there and it’s solid: drummer Martin Duynhoven was a pioneer of this soundworld and, as such, is a living reference of everything happening in the country. His partners here can go very far, but it’s him who keeps their feet on the ground. That’s what you’ll find here: dreamy music with a sense of gravity."


Giovanni di Domenico - rhodes and electronics

Gonçalo Almeida - bass

Balázs Pándi -  drums




"To find Gonçalo Almeida, Giovanni di Domenico and Bálasz Pándi on the same stage seems something only one with great imagination could aspire. And that's because this musicians combination is inherent in the crossing of creative music today, from drone, metal to freejazz. The result is a trio of individuality foreground, each with their own concepts, imagine goulash made out of fish would land on a pizza. "A promising wall of sound and adventurous creative music, that will make you glued to the floor, like you would be wearing cement shoes."


Julius Gabriel – tenor sax, electronics

Gonçalo Almeida – bass

Gustavo Costa – drums


The trio, two Portuguese members Gustavo Costa and Gonçalo Almeida and the German Julius Gabriel, is based in Portugal.

Roaming dark alleyways connecting free jazz to experimental rock, rumbling from deep from within,  electric bass and drums stumble into rolling thunder  topped by a fuming and foaming saxophone snapping at the general direction of your own personal throat.

Free jazz decomposed, re-electrified and revivified, served alive and breathing.



Nina Hitz - cello
Lucija Gregov - cello
Gonçalo Almeida - double bass
Rutger Zuydervelt - electronics

Hydra Ensemble is an electroacoustic quartet based in Rotterdam. It features Nina Hitz (cello), Lucija Gregov (cello), Gonçalo Almeida (double bass) and Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek (electronics). The ensemble is a juncture of four distinctive expressions finding common ground. Together they form a four-headed entity that emerges from highly pensive collective improvisations,  creating an intricate patchwork of concurrent melodic lines, textural explorations and expansive drones. 
The quartet’s sonic language exists on the cracks of free improvisation, minimalism and experimental foreboding ambience. Hydra Ensemble's sonic language is as ominous and majestic as the multi-headed Greek mythical animal they're named after.


Ricardo Jacinto : cello + electronics 

Gonçalo Almeida : doublebass 

Nuno Morão : drums


The Selva is a free-improvisation unit featuring Lisbon based Ricardo Jacinto and Nuno Morão on cello and drums, and Rotterdam based Gonçalo Almeida on double-bass. Formed in 2016 their music explores the intersections between their member´s wide musical spectrums, proposing a synthesis based on a live narrative construction incorporating this multi-idiomatic approaches.




Tobias Klein – alto saxophone

John Dikeman – tenor saxophone

Bart Maris - trumpet

Jasper Stadhouders – guitar

Goncalo Almeida – bass

Philipp Moser – drums

Spinifex seeks out the challenge of crossing stylistic borders.
Non-Western world music encounters Western contemporary composed music and
anarchic European free improv clashes with tightly structured math metal. Typical
basic ingredients of Spinifex include: forceful grooves, intense improvisation,
virtuoso solos, psycho-rhythms and extreme dynamics. It is a continuous quest to
push back and expand stylistic boundaries.





Daniele Martini - saxophones  

Giovanni di Domenico - piano  

Gonçalo Almeida - doublebass  

João Lobo - drums   


Tetterapadequ it's formmed by Belgian-Italian Daniele Martini on tenor sax, Belgian-Italian pianist Giovanni di Domenico, Portuguese bassist Gonçalo Almeida who resides in Rotterdam, and Portuguese drummer João Lobo which also it's Belgium based. This quartet creates improvised music, mostly subdued, introverted and restrained, where the four musicians create small creative aural environments, with scarce sounds and making use of empty space.  Their first release"And the Missing R" (2008) on the acclaimed Portuguese label Clean Feed, it's followed by their most recent work (2015 Creative Sources) named "Chopingle" and "Pangatuna" (2016) on Polish label For-Tune.