Gonçalo Almeida born in 1978 Lisbon, Portugal.

Lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands,where he  ​plays in a variety of projects that go from modern jazz, freejazz, jazzcore and free improvisation music, having shared the stage with improvisers such has Ab Baars, Balasz Pandi, Chris Speed, Carlos Zíngaro, Fred Lonberg-Holm , Jasper Stadhouders, Jorrit Dijkstra, Martin van Duynhoven, Rodrigo Amado, Tobias Klein, Wilbert de Joode, among others.


​ He is founder, composer, bass player of Lama trio, Albatre, Hydra Ensemble and member of Ritual Habitual, The Attic, Cement Shoes, Ikizukuri, Spinifex, Tetterapadequ, The Selva, Roji, Almeida/Duynhoven/Klein trio.

Also has worked in collaboration with multi media such as video artists, modern dancers, poets and theater makers, worth to mention Arnold Dreyblatt, Julyen Hamilton, Rita Vilhena, etc.

Photo by Ricardo Jorge