20.10 - Tetterapadequ @ Jazz Station, Brussels, NL

21.10 - Luis Vicente Trio @ Cafe Wagner, Jena, DE

26.10 -SPINIFEX @  Turbina / Jazzaj , Budapest, HU

28.10 - SPINIFEX @ Belgrade Jazz Festival, Sr

30.10 - Doublebass SOLO @ Dutch Doublebass Festival, Rotterdam, NL

04.11 - Luis Vicente trio @ De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL

05.11 - Luis Vicente trio @ Home concert, BE

06.11 - Luis Vicente trio @ Jazzblazzt, Neeritter, NL

07.11 - Luis Vicente trio @ Koffie & Ambacht , Rottterdam, NL

08.11 - Luis Vicente trio@ POM, Eindhoven, NL

10.11 -  Luis Vicente Trio @ Penhasco, Lisbon, PT

25.11 - Ritual Habitual (CD presentation) @ New Grounds, Rotterdam, NL

27.11 - Luis Vicente Trio @ Fat Jazz , Hamburgo, DE

04.12 - The Selva  @ Teatro Mosca, Cacem, PT

17.12 - Luis Vicente Trio @ Galeria ZDB, Lisbon, PT

19.12 - AL! @ Jazz Messengers, Lisbon, Pt


29.01 _ Hydra Ensemble @ POM,Eindhoven, NL

31.01 - Hydra Ensemble @ Pletterij, Haarlem, NL

"Monólogos a Dois" 


Gonçalo Almeida - Doublebass solo LP


This doublebass solo recording (Monólogos a Dois) captures a series of improvisations, where Almeida explores instant composing, making use of a vast palette of sounds, textures and extended techniques. His inwardness and affinity with the instrument are beautifully represented here.


All music was performed and recorded on an afternoon session during the pandemic period at the Old church of Charlois, in Rotterdam. Alone, with the church completely empty, Almeida plays a monologue between instrument and space.


Performed & recorded at the Old Church in Oud-Charlois, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on 11th July 2020. 

Recorded & mixed by Gonçalo Almeida. 

Mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio, Anderlecht (Belgium).

"You could translate Monólogos a Dois as Monologues for Two, with both the musician and the instrument participating. Not in a dialogue, but each within their own monologue. It quickly becomes apparent that the recording is a personal quest. Almeida’s very own ‘journal violone’, if you will. A dive into the musician’s resources and introspection."

Guy Peters