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06.02 - Misanthrope Trio @ OCCii, Amsterdam

08.02 - Misanthrope Trio @ Hot Club Gent, Be

10.02 - Misanthrope Trio @ Koffie en Ambacht, Rotterdam, NL

11.02 -  Misanthrope Trio @ Jazzblazzt, Neeritter, NL

Luis Lopes  - Guitar / Gonçalo Almeida - ebass  / Philipp Ernsting - drums

12.02 - Martina Verhoeven Quintet @ Paradox, Tiburg, NL

Martina Verhoeven: piano //Dirk Serries: guitar / Colin Webster: alto sax 

Gonçalo Almeida: double bass /Onno Govaert: drums

09.03 - Low Vertigo @ Soda Acustica, Barcelona, ES

Diego Caicedo: guitar / Gonçalo Almeida: ebass/ Vasco Trilla : drums

26.03 - Bulliphant @  Jazz in Crooswijk, Rotterdam, NL

Bart Maris: trumpet /  Ruben Verbruggen: saxes / Thijs Troch: piano and electronics

Gonçalo Almeida : double bass / Friso Van Wijck: drums

15.06 - Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin, DE

16.06 - Klub Dragon, Poznan, PL

18.06 -  Klanghaus, Klein Jasedow, DE

Almut Kühne: voice / Jordina Milla Benseny: piano

Gonçalo Almeida: double bass / Wieland Möller: drums

23.09 - THE SELVA @ Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, PT


Improvisations on Amplified and Prepared Double Bass

(Shhpuma 2022)

Gonçalo Almeida is a chameleonic musician capable of producing a wide palette of sounds that range from jazz, post-rock to metal. Even so in this solo album he directs his music towards unexplored paths. The trio of timbres born from the combination of feedback, distortion and acoustics led him to lines and energies that he had not yet developed before, revealing a transcendent connection with his instrument. Clearly, the music on this album is something else..."

"Monólogos a Dois" 
Gonçalo Almeida - Doublebass solo LP


This doublebass solo recording (Monólogos a Dois) captures a series of improvisations, where Almeida explores instant composing, making use of a vast palette of sounds, textures and extended techniques. His inwardness and affinity with the instrument are beautifully represented here.


All music was performed and recorded on an afternoon session during the pandemic period at the Old church of Charlois, in Rotterdam. Alone, with the church completely empty, Almeida plays a monologue between instrument and space.


Performed & recorded at the Old Church in Oud-Charlois, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on 11th July 2020. 

Recorded & mixed by Gonçalo Almeida. 

Mastered at the Sunny Side Inc. Studio, Anderlecht (Belgium).

"You could translate Monólogos a Dois as Monologues for Two, with both the musician and the instrument participating. Not in a dialogue, but each within their own monologue. It quickly becomes apparent that the recording is a personal quest. Almeida’s very own ‘journal violone’, if you will. A dive into the musician’s resources and introspection."

Guy Peters

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