SOLO @ Soliloquios, Porto
Double bass Solo // Improvisation I
Double bass Solo // Improvisation II

DIALOGUE FOR ONE – by Friso van Wijck 2017

Performed by Gonçalo Almeida (R'dam) at Vroom series.

'Dialogue for one' is one of the newest pieces written by composer Friso van Wijck, for double bass, electronics and tape ('tape' as in pre-recorded digitized sound files anno 2017).


 Monologues Under Sea Level (Cylinder, 2015)

    **** by Stef Gissels on Free Jazz Blog

"With the very first notes, the bass sounds warm, deep, resonating, jazzy, repeating a simple phrase that is quickly dissolving without disappearing in a broader improvisation, that gradually gains in intensity, complexity and power. Your host is Portuguese bassist Gonçalo Almeida, frequently reviewed on this blog with Albatre, Lama Trio, Tetterapadequ, Spinifex, who now invites you into his world under sea level. The second monologue is a busy arco piece, quite agitated and emotional, with lots of big intervallic leaps between high gut-wrenching tones and deep counterpoint. The third monologue is a fast pizzi piece, with rhythmic changes and a quite captivating development. On the fourth, the bow moves slowly on various strings at the same time, creating an orchestral effect that is quite compelling and beautiful.


The result is quite strong and varied, but also without pretense, and may also be of interest to other people than bass players". 

Walk for Doublebass  by Michal Osowsky 2006

Gonçalo Almeida Doublebass 

"DarkLoupe" by Thanos Polymeneas

Doublebass-Gonçalo Almeida
Live electronics- Thanos Polymeneas
Visuals-Karel Doing & Jesse Frazen

Performed @ Lantaren Venster Theater, Rotterdam 2009

M.P.K (Memorium to Peter Kowald) Part I

Gonçalo Almeida- doublebass

Thanos Polimeneas- composition & electronics

Performed @ Lantaren Vensyer Theater, Rotterdam, 2005


​M.P.K (Memorium to Peter Kowald) Part II

Gonçalo Almeida- doublebass
Thanos Polimeneas- composition & electronics
Performed @ Lantaren Vensyer Theater, Rotterdam, 2005

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